My Life

Make Polarizing Decisions


The cold hard truth is, no matter what decision you make, there is going to be a group of people out there who will not agree with what you're doing. Heck, they might even be offended by it enough to verbally lash out at you. Let it be. 

It's better to live a life where you may occasionally piss someone off by being yourself rather than staying safe by being someone that you're not. If you want to become more authentic, you have to be willing to take risks, to risk being who you are in a world full of people trying to tell you to be like somebody else. If you listen to those outside opinions over and over again eventually overtime you'll end up with a career, a spouse, friends, or hobbies that you don't necessarily like or care for. Who wants that? Pfft... I know I don't.

In the end, everything you do is a choice. Not making a choice is a choice in itself. Because of this you must become aware and present at all times. If you are conscious of the choices you're making you'll be able to go after what it is you desire out of life. This can only be done when you know and decide what you're completely willing to sacrifice and part ways with to be able to get it.  

I remember losing a lot of my friends when I decided to start working out and begin eating healthy. My new interests didn't fit in with my old life, so I went my way, and they went theirs. I gained a new social group, they did their own thing, and we all moved on. When I decided to stop going to parties and to start reading more books and go full force at my goals I lost more friends, this time because I wasn't around enough or they didn't think that I was "normal."

I now have a few real friends left,  a semi-non-existent social life, and have been single for a while now. From an outside perspective this could seem like a negative thing, and it might be, but the results are from choices that I had for the most part consciously made. 

None of the things I mentioned just happened to me for no good reason. I accept full responsibility that my decisions drove people away or made people not want to hang out with me, it wasn't their fault, it was mine. I no longer wanted to waste my time doing unproductive activities and I realized that my life goals would require me to spend a lot of time alone working diligently on my goals.

Sometimes it can get lonely and at times I question whether or not this is all even worth it, deep down I know that what I'm doing and creating here is eventually going to pay off big. I can not and will not lose faith in the process or try to avoid the pain and suffering that comes along with the journey. It's a part of life and any undertaking and must be embraced rather than resisted. Most importantly I will be grateful for every success or failure that come my way. Each one is a lesson that can help become better at my craft or better as a person. 

Taking the passenger seat, avoiding responsibility, and blaming other people for your life will get you no where fast. Remember, you have full control over how you experience life, so take the wheel and pilot your ship towards a destination that you would enjoy. You choose who you are and who you will become on a daily basis by making decisions. Every decision, whether or good or bad, will steer your life in a different direction. If you don't take control of these decisions your plane will go off course and take you somewhere you never intended to go. Make every decision a conscious choice so that you can set your aim and sights on arriving at the destination of your choosing.

Take control, assume responsibility, and make polarizing decisions. By not trying to offend anyone, you're offending someone anyways, so live your life for you. In the end, it'll all work out... or maybe it won't, but at least you will have lived a life as a captain in the pilot's seat.

-Coach K