Track Your Habits With These 3 Apps

We're habitual beings. Habits define our character. The right habits can save us time, make life more enjoyable, and help lead us towards success. The wrong ones, however, can lead us towards sickness, addiction, and failure. 

Wouldn't it be nice to know if your habits were leading you towards success or bringing you closer to failure? Of course it would. That's why if you want to level up your life it's essential that you take the time to start tracking your daily habits.

Habits don't change very easily, and it's impossible to break a bad habit or double down on  a good habit if you don't know that they exist. Tracking helps identify your habits and gives you better data and insight on your daily, weekly, and monthly routine. 

Use these 3 simple to use Apps to track your daily habits and gain control over your life, mentally, financially, and physically.




1. Productive

"If you want to improve on something, you need to track your progress, and the behaviors that cause progress. Researchers call this “self-monitoring” — the process of tracking and analyzing your thoughts and actions to become more aware of how they impact your goals."

- Armi Legge


Productive, as its name implies, gets straight to the point. Use Productive to schedule your daily, weekly, and monthly habits to help plan and optimize your routines. Habits can be set to be completed in the morning, afternoon or at night. You can schedule individual habits to be completed once a week or maybe even just once a month. Productive tracks your daily wins and losses and makes it easy to see which habits you're completing with ease and which may need some more attention.



I use Productive to track my hygiene routine, my meditation practice, my fitness regiment, and to remind me to spend more time with my family or to wash my car (poor guy hasn't had a wash in ages). With a little bit of creativity there's no limit to what you can track and accomplish with this app.

Use your imagination and build the perfect routine with this simple but effective app.




2. Dollarbird

Do you know where you're money is going? An NFCC study of over 2,000 people revealed that 61% of Americans have no budget in place and have no idea where their money is going. This is one of the reasons why a survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education and Harris Poll found that 45% of adults in the U.S. are living paycheck to paycheck.

If you don't know how you spend your hard-earned cash, you're more likely to suffer from spending leaks, a financial illness where small amounts of money seem to magically disappear from your wallet. These spending leaks could be that fancy $5 coffee you buy every morning or random impulse purchase decisions (damn you Costco!). To combat this, start tracking your expenses, which will help you recognize where your money goes. After tracking and evaluating your expenses you can start to plug your spending leaks by making small changes in your daily spending habits.

Tracking money... doesn't that seem like hard-work though? Well if you think about carrying a legal notepad everywhere and have to bust it out every time you make a purchase, then yes it does seem rather annoying and daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way. We live in the 21st century and thanks to the invention of smart-phones tracking your finances has never been more manageable.

This is where the Dollarbird app comes in handy. Dollarbird is an app that allows you to track your daily expenses and income with complete ease. With Dollarbird you can categorize every expense to see where you're money is going each month. You can also create new categories if the default ones don't quite fit the bill (haha, nice pun right!?). It's fast and easy to use, so it won't get in the way of your social and personal life and will significantly improve the quality of your life. Instead of passively using your money, your new found awareness will encourage you to spend your money more intentionally. 


Dollarbird is fantastic for businesses as well. The free version gives you one calendar for yourself, but if you upgrade to the Business version you get 20 different calendars and can add up to 3 separate team members. You can see how each team member is spending the companies cash and be better able to make purchasing decisions in the future. Another great feature of the Dollarbird app is that it projects future expenses and incomes to your calendar, so you get an accurate estimatation of what your financial future might look like.

I've had countless financial tracking apps over the past few years, and Dollarbird is the King of them all. It's easy to use, simple to navigate and makes tracking your financial life a breeze. Know that tracking your expenses might be difficult and give you a severe reality check, but knowing where you're actually struggling with your money will provide you with the power and knowledge to make a lasting financial change.




3. MyFitnessPal

"To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth."

- Richard Baker

Americans are fat. There's no way around this fact. The United States contains one of the highest percentages of obese people in the world. Two of every three Americans are considered to be overweight or obese and these people incur an extra $1,429 in medical expenses annually. If you want to improve the overall quality of your life, the first thing you need to do is regain control over your health.

It's true what they say; your health is your wealth.

If you want to avoid being obese and becoming another statistic, it is vital that you start to manage your weight. How do you do that? By measuring your eating and exercise habits. As Peter Drucker says, what gets measured, gets managed. Studies have shown that dieters, who take the time to record what and how much they eat, lose the most weight in the short and long-term. When you log your food intake, you're more likely to eat less and lose body-fat as a result. In fact, medical studies show that simply tracking your food intake doubles your chance of weight-loss.

I personally enjoy tracking my food intake. It turns dieting into a fun and challenging game that I desperately want to win. It's not always easy, but it's rewarding and well worth the effort. Also, just like tracking your spending habits, when you take the time to track your food intake, you start to see patterns and become more capable of creating a lasting change in the future of your physical health.

My go-to app for tracking my Food intake has been MyFitnessPal for quite some time now. MyFitnessPal makes tracking your daily caloric intake a breeze. With over 5 million foods in their database and the ability for users to add new food items, it's almost impossible not to find what you're looking for in its massive database. You can add multiple items at once, which saves you more time in the long run. With MyFitnessPal you can track your food and water intake as well as your exercise frequency. There's even an option to add the calories from your exercises into your diet which can help you gauge how much you should be eating on your workout days.


MyFitnessPal allows you to create custom weight-loss or gain goals and gives you a reasonably accurate estimation of your daily caloric needs. You can use this or customize it to create a straightforward easy to implement dieting plan. MyFitnessPal also has a dedicated user-base and community that are all willing to help you reach your goals. You can check out their blog, interact with other users in their forums and add your friends to keep up with their progress.

Ultimately, if you want to maintain optimal health, tracking your food intake is your best bet. Like anything else, it becomes easier to do with time and it has a huge payoff if you can stick with it. Like Dollarbird, MyFitnessPal is available both on mobile and web making it easy to access and use on a daily basis.




Now your armed with 3 simple Apps that will help you track your habits and improve the overall quality of your life. Tracking is simple, but like anything simple to do it's also simple not to do. It's up to you to make the effort. I can lead you towards the water, but I can't make you drink it. That part is up to you.

Take the time to make tracking a staple in your routine and I promise that you will make astounding progress in the right direction.