5 Spiritual Influences that will Enhance Your Life


1. Connection to Purpose

When we decide to do anything in life, we must ask ourselves, does this relate and connect to my true purpose in life? When we choose to do the things that align with our purpose we become more engaged and find it easier to be energized and focused. When we do things that do not align with our purpose, we feel drained and melancholy. To live a meaningful life means to live one that serves your highest purpose in life.



2. Connecting to Something Bigger

Along with connecting to our purpose, it’s important to tie our goals and aspirations to something bigger than just ourselves. When we choose to go after goals and pursue dreams that not only affect us, but those around us and those who are close to us in a positive way, we feel more engaged and draw more energy in. We find it easier to get things done because it’s no longer just to serve us, but for the community as a whole.



3. Commitment + Faith/Trust

It’s important to stay committed to the process. Results don’t always come quickly and they sometimes aren’t obvious. Commitment means sticking to the plan when things get tough, when motivation fades, and you no longer feel like it. It means doing what you said you were going to do, regardless of what else is going on around you. Being committed requires you to have faith and trust in the process. You must truly believe, deep down within yourself, that what you are doing will come to fruition and that all of your hard-work and energy was not used in vain. Having faith means not needing to know how things are going to happen, but still believing that they will.



4. Conscious Awareness/Perspective

Being conscious of what is happening in each and every moment means living life as a purposeful being. If you are constantly aware of how each action affects yourself, your purpose, those around you, and the community as a whole, it will make living a life filled with purpose much easier. Being conscious and aware also means being able to see and decide if something is not truly helping and serving you and your higher purpose. Sometimes you might have to step back and realize that what you’re doing is not of any benefit and you must let go of it consciously so that you can make room for the things that actually matter.



5. Having Something to Look Forward to Short-term/Long-term

It’s important to create goals and tasks that can be done in the short-term and other goals that will take longer to achieve. Creating short-term goals will help keep you motivated because a completion of a task gives you a rush of endorphins, which helps to solidify good habits. Seeing progress in short-term goal fulfillment will keep you energized and help you stay on the path. Although short-term goals are important it’s equally if not more important to think of things long-term. What’s the bigger picture here? Where are all these short-term goals taking you? Think long-term. Play the long game. It might even be better to decide what your long-term goal is first and then break it down to create short-term goals to help you reach that goal. Baby steps taken again and again over time will turn into quantum leaps towards realizing your biggest goals in life.


-Coach K