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Cold Showers: Become More Attractive, Healthy & Mentally Fit

Do you want healthier skin and hair? Do you want to be more resilient to stress, improve mental toughness, and increase your cardiovascular health? Are you tired of drinking morning coffee and taking sleeping pills to help you sleep at night? Well look no further, in this post I'll reveal to you how taking Cold Showers can help you achieve all this and more.




Bear with me for a second and imagine that the water in your shower could no longer heat up. If you wanted to take a shower, it would have to be ice cold...

How would that make you feel? Most people would say uncomfortable, a little scary, and some might even give up showering all together, but that would be a giant mistake.

You see, taking cold showers is extremely good for you. Not only will it help improve physical features like your hair and skin, but it will also help with mental problems like depression, help strengthen your immune and cardiovascular system, and help make you more tough and resilient to daily stress!

How do you ask? Well, let’s jump right in.




1. Natural Energy + Soothing Slumber

If you’ve ever jumped into ice-cold water, you’ve experienced the powerful effect it has on waking you up and making you feel alert and energetic! When our bodies are exposed to cold water, we start to breath more deeply in response to help keep us warm. This reaction increases our overall oxygen intake and increases our heart rate, which releases a rush of blood through our entire body and gives us a natural dose of energy.

The added benefit of the blood being sent through our body is that it also stimulates the circulatory system which can over time improve our overall cardiovascular health.

Cold showers aren’t just good for waking up though; they can help us fall asleep faster at night too!

Our bodies naturally cool down later in the evening to help us fall asleep, and by taking a hot shower, you’re warming up your body temperature making it harder for you to fall asleep. Take a cold shower instead to keep your body temperature cool and help knock you out faster.


2. Better Hair + Skin

Hot water opens up the pores on our bodies and lets out the natural oils from our skin and hair, which tends to leave hair and skin feeling and looking dry.

Cold showers do the opposite; they tighten our cuticle and pores keeping the healthy oils safe and also seal the pores in the skin and scalp, which can prevent dirt from entering in.

Cold showers help the hair appear shinier, stronger and healthier. And if you’re a guy who might be losing hair or wants to prevent it from happening, I got some great news! Cold showers have been proven to help increase the ability of the hair on our head to grip the scalp. Bye-bye, balding!


3. Improved Mental Toughness + Resilience to Stress

Some people would argue that this next point is the most beneficial part about taking daily cold showers. By forcing yourself to take an ice-cold shower in the morning, at night, or after a workout, when you don't want to, it takes a lot of mental strength. Over time this discipline to overcome your fears will become an automated habit and will start to seep into other areas of your life as well.

Cold showers also help make you more resilient to stress. The cold showers act as a small form of oxidative stress on our nervous system, which our bodies will adapt to over time leaving us feeling more relaxed and less stressed.

If you’ve been feeling down lately, no worries, cold showers have also been proven to help with depression. When the cold water hits our scalps, it stimulates what is known as “the blue spot” in our brain, which is the primary source of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps alleviate depression. Also from my experience, I can't help but smile and laugh while I’m taking a cold shower. It must be because it’s just so damn crazy!




How to Start:

Now that you know about all the benefits of taking cold showers, where do you start? Well, it’s easy to set-up, but it might be a little tough to do!

All you have to do is turn on the shower to the coldest setting possible or close to it, set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes, and hop in the shower. I personally try to enter the cold water as fast as I can once I’m in the shower. I let the water hit my head and my neck first for the first couple of seconds and then I immediately try to get the rest of my body wet to help battle the cold. Once I’m in, I try to stay as calm as possible. I do this in hopes that it will program my mind to be calm when faced against other instances of small stressors in the future.

And that’s about it!


I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something interesting. Now face your fears, turn on your ice-cold shower, jump in and see the benefits for yourself!

-Coach K