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The Whoosh Effect


The Whoosh Effect

You’re dieting perfectly, exercising every day and getting 8 hours of sleep every night as if it was your religion. It’s been a few weeks, but the scale won’t budge. You start to question yourself. Am I eating too much? Did I calculate my macros wrong? It can feel like the world is conspiring against you. Something just doesn’t want you to get that beach body that you’ve been dreaming of.

Feeling like all hope is lost, you go to bed thinking, “I give up. Tomorrow I'm eating whatever I want, this diet just isn’t worth it anymore.”

You used the bathroom in the middle of the night, so you woke up feeling a little out of it. As you get out bed you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think “What the hell?” Confused you step on the scale and BOOM! the scale says you're 4lbs lighter.

What just happened?


What is the Whoosh Effect?

The Whoosh Effect is a hypothesis that seeks to explain why there can be a delay between observed fat loss and actual fat loss. Understanding what causes a Whoosh and why it happens will help give you an edge on your fat-loss journey. You'll become less anxious or worried if the scale isn't changing and less likely to ruin your plan by binge-eating.

Sometimes when on a diet, fat loss cannot be observed by the naked eye.

Inside your body, fat cells are being emptied of triglycerides, meaning you're losing fat, but those same fat cells are now temporarily being refilled with water. Because these fat cells are holding onto water and causing water retention, your body might not look very different and the scale can stay the same. The thing is, if you are following your diet and exercise program properly, there's no reason to worry or stress. Eventually the water will expel from your body and those fat cells will shrink down. The Whoosh Effect explains why overnight you can miraculously lose 3 or 4 pounds and see an immediate change in your physical appearance. 


Whoosh Signals

Many people who experience the Whoosh Effect note that the fat in their body had recently started to to take on a squishy like characteristic. Others reported the feeling of having small and soft marbles underneath their skin. Weird right? Although it might seem a little strange or odd, this is a good thing because it means that your fat is starting to disappear.


Tired of Waiting?

Are you tired of waiting for the Whoosh Effect and looking for ways to bio-hack your body? Here are some solutions that just might work.

Eat More

It sounds counterintuitive, but eating more can can trick the body into releasing water weight. The key is to eat more carbohydrates. The reason being is that carbohydrates convert into glucose and glucose requires water to be stored in the body. This is why you can gain a few pounds after eating a heavy carbohydrate meal. This is also known as water retention. Eating a heavy carbohydrate meal won’t guarantee that you’ll experience the Whoosh, so another thing you could do is reduce the amount of water that you drink during the heavy carb day. While lowering water intake isn’t very enjoyable, having less water in your body forces the glycogen to pull water from your fat cells which help increase your chances of experiencing a Whoosh.


Yes, drink alcohol. Not a full out binge, rather just a few drinks. Alcohol is poisonous, and because of this, it needs to flush out of your system. During detox water will be pulled from your fat cells so that it can help aid the liver in recovery. This is possibly why after a night out drinking you wake up looking better the next day than you did before.



If you’re dieting properly and not seeing any changes on the scale or with your measurements, don’t freak out. Weight loss is not linear. Some weeks the fat will come right off, and other weeks your fat loss will stall.

But if your weight hasn’t changed in two weeks or more, I'd suggest taking some time to reflect on other possible reasons why you haven't lost weight.

-Coach K