Client Testiomonials


After the introductory trial session, I immediately knew in my gut that I would immensely benefit from coaching sessions with Kaivon.

At the time, I was lost. I knew the direction I wanted my life to go, but I was too thinly spread and I had no substance: my energy was dispersed everywhere and, therefore, it was nowhere. I had big dreams and positive intentions, but I was overwhelmed by them… stifled with timidity and uncertainty.

Kaivon helped me find clarity, density, and power.

He helped me clearly define what I wanted, realize where I was in relation to my desires, discover the most effective steps I could take to get there and helped instill the confidence in myself necessary to move forward.

Kaivon helped me realize when I was berating myself excessively and flip my self-perspective from negative to positive accordingly - something I had great trouble with prior to our sessions.

He also helped adjust my path along the way.

After finding progress in one area - which I did between every coaching session - a new weakness would eventually show itself. Kaivon helped me identify them and adjust my goals to grow in those areas which, in retrospect, was a beautiful experience… 

To know I was quantifiably progressing at such a rapid rate was truly fulfilling, and filled me up with confidence and joy

We would even laugh about how quickly I was progressing, at times.

Perhaps the most empowering part of the coaching sessions was the fact that he never told me what to do. He would only point out the holes in my plans and thinking, shine a light on them, and then ask ME to come up with ways to fill the holes myself.

And he would make sure to continually remind me that it was indeed me that was the one filling the holes.

And that is one of the focal points of Kaivon’s coaching:

He only shines the light, it’s YOU that makes the changes. And, in so doing, it’s you that gets the credit… It’s you that gets the empowerment. And he makes sure you know you deserve it.

Those 1-hour sessions had drastic, profound, and positive effects on my life. Signing up for those sessions was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life to date.

I highly recommended Kaivon’s coaching to anyone looking to catapult themselves into personal growth at an expedited rate.
— Ben Wexler

Deciding to work with Kaivon has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Because I am a coach to many athletes and a coach to myself in the gym, I didn’t believe that I needed a life coach, but after some careful consideration, I realized that Kaivon’s coaching is different than what I do. 

In our first session together, we discussed all of my current challenges and what my goals in life were.  He listened carefully and never once devalued my feelings. From there he helped me put together a plan that I could execute to make my life better. His insightful questions helped me think of new solutions to old problems. 

I would recommend Kaivon to anyone struggling to find a purpose or if you need help finding solutions to your personal challenges. Kaivon is knowledgeable, warm, and kind. Your life will take on a new light after working with Kaivon.
— Sang Duong

It is with great enthusiasm that I share a resounding ‘two thumbs up’ as it pertains to my experience working with my coach Kaivon Hayat. One of the biggest challenges when picking a coach is to find one that is a ‘perfect’ fit and I’m happy to report that I found that, and more, when I chose Kaivon!

I wear many hats in my life including that of a Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Entrepreneur & Life Coach. I needed a coach that would provide me with a combination of support and accountability and I really feel that I received both from this great coach. I left every session with a renewed vision and drive.

Kaivon is highly skilled at directing each session with my goals in mind and his focus was always first and foremost on ensuring that I got what I needed from each session. One of the favorite parts of my coaching session was getting an email shortly after with a wrap up of the things we discussed and the goals that I had set for the week ahead.

Kaivon is compassionate, articulate and highly-focused in his role as a coach. My only regret, as it pertains to working with Kaivon, will be the time when our sessions are completed. Thank you Kaivon!
— Laura Hallenberg

My sessions with Kaivon always gave me clarity and left me feeling motivated and energized. I tend to be hard on myself, and a bit of a perfectionist, so I was hesitant going into coaching because I thought ‘Hey, I’m all the motivation I need. I don’t need a coach.” But after my introductory call with Kaivon, I could tell that his style of intuitive and impartial coaching was exactly what I needed at this uncertain point in my life when I was starting a new life - new city, new business, new friends.

It was helpful knowing that each week I’d have a check in to hold me accountable. Even when I didn’t reach all my goals, Kaivon was able to help me understand what got in the way, or perhaps what was really more important to me. His encouragement helped me realize that the things I would have considered failures were actually helpful little nudges in the right direction, and over time I learned many helpful habits like that from our sessions. I’m more self-aware after working with Kaivon - especially after learning about my core energy levels - and I’ve thrown my limiting beliefs out the window and am boldly pursuing my dreams again.

If nothing else, my time with Kaivon was worth every penny just to have his help reflecting on my progress, my struggles, and the little nuances he picks up on that I would never have noticed on my own. I am so thankful for the clarity and encouragement I gained in each of our sessions, and I don’t even want to think about where I’d be if I hadn’t signed up for coaching.
— Joey Leslie
Joey Leslie

Janet Kodish
If you are unclear about what you want, or are afraid to go after it;
If you’ve been avoiding having a difficult talk with someone you love,
If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, but are stuck on the couch,
Kaivon will help you get unstuck, get moving, and get the life you want.
— Janet Kodish

Kaivon brings a different level of determination to the coaching world. His tools for self-awareness train both your body and mind and prime you for success, wellbeing, and purpose!

After a few sessions with Kaivon, I was finally able to step up to that annoying voice in my head that told me I couldn’t do something or that I wasn’t good enough. Thanks Kaivon!
— Sumedh Chatterjee

There are so many goals and ideas people have about their lives, yet they never take the necessary steps towards achieving those goals; Kaivon is able to help you realize what you need to do, how to get started, and how to be consistent. His intuitiveness, calm manner, and patience are ideal characteristics for anyone looking to be coached.
— Amir Ali Abolghassem

Kaivon’s coaching requires for you to be open minded. If you let go of everything at the door and focus on what you want to achieve you will walk away from the coaching session with a more confident and optimistic attitude.
— Adam Wozniakowksi
Adam Wozniakowski Jr.